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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Apple Never Learns

Apple introduces new Mac Mini & iPod Hi-Fi
Tsk tsk, Apple! You want to compete with the likes of Dell, Compaq HP, Acer ect. But you just don't seem to realize that even they have cheaper computers than you still!

Did ya hear? Apple is "lowering" their price for the new Mac Minis. Indeed, so they say. They are selling their new version of the Man Mini staring at a shocking $600.00(for the starter) and $200.00 or more for a fancier version of it.

Hmm, so let me get this right Steve Jobs-you expect me to buy a $600.00 tiny computer tower-minus the screen/keyboard/mouse ect and do so smiling? When I can get a total desktop or a laptop computer for that much or less? Hahaha! Get real Mr. Jobs!

I think they must be hurting and will still be hurting unless they take a good look at who their competitors are!

Would you spend that much on just the tower?