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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1800Flowers Is Most Trusted Flower Delivery Service

MSNBC in a under cover investigation found out the 1800Flowers is the #1 flower delivery service in America. They said that 1800Flowers has the best price policy and are open in price transparency.

Which means that is just one more reason to give a Twilight fan a perfect V-Day gift. The Twilight Flowers Poster Bundle has a card featuring Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, a pre-ordered DVD of New Moon, plus beautiful roses.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gift Ideas All Year Round

Sometimes trying to find the perfect gift is hard, and even more if the gift if not for a holiday. Which is why flowers makes the perfect gift! They can say so much more than cards or other gifts do.

For an example:sun flowers say feel better, roses say I love you, and cosmos say I am thinking about you. So next time give someone a gift that says more than a card will say.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Destination Weddings

Spring and summer time are almost around the corner, and that means many wedding dates are getting planned. While that may cause stress, why not turn your wedding into a destination wedding planned by a destination wedding planner for an example like Steve G. Stevanovich?

Trying to plan a destination wedding yourself might be hard, which is why many people leave it up to professional wedding planners like Steve G. Stevanovich, who are trained and experienced with what they do.

Steve G. Stevanovich and other professional wedding planners work hard to give soon to be brides and grooms exactly what they want, where they want. So if you or someone else you know who is stressed over planning a wedding, consider a destination wedding.

Catholic Charities Schools In America

As one of the leading Catholic philanthropists Frank Hanna is a nationally well known social activist who has donated money to help build Catholic schools-including the one of the schools is in the top 50 Catholic High School's in America.

Back during the Bush administration Frank Hanna was one of the two chairmen on President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.

Also Pope Benedict XVI named Frank Hanna as a knight for 3 branches and he sits on the board of Papal Foundation and the St. John Vianney Seminary.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

It's February and we all know what that means! Valentines day is coming and it is coming fast. Since it is so close and you may feel that you either will not have enough money or time to buy a "real gift, use 1800lowers for gift giving.

Or if someone is having a unhappy Valentines day and you want to brighten there day. Order a beautiful set of flowers from 1800flowers to make them smile. Or thank somebody special this year with a lovely bouquet saying thanks from 1800flowers.

Whatever your reason maybe, make sure you tell your loved ones that you care.