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Monday, March 30, 2009

Who Is Frank J. Hanna?

Frank J. Hanna is a semi-famous merchant banker and business owner from Atlanta. He wrote "What Your Money Means" and is a speaker for Philanthropy Roundtable. He is also the director for CompuCredit Corporation.

Frank J. Hanna is also a founder for Solidarity Foundation, which recently found the oldest known copies of Gospels of Luke and John and then donated them to the Vatican. He has very much been involved in education as well, he co-found 3 Catholic schools within the Atlanta area. He was co-chair for former President George W. Bush's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans board. He used to be a corporate attorney for Troutman Sanders of Atlanta.

They also named Frank J. Hanna as Knight of the Grand Cross in the Order of St. Gregory, Knight of Malta, board member of the Papal Foundation, a board member of the St. John Vianney Seminary, and a board member of the University of Sacramento and Knight of the Holy Sepulchre. He went to University of Georgia for his BBA & JD degrees.