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Friday, May 22, 2009

Dell's Della:Dell's Marketing For Women

Since one of my readers asked my opinion of the Dell Della's, I figured why not make a post about it? So here it is!

As many of you may or may not know, I love computers. Take me to a computer store and I could spend hours there. But when I first read about the Della site, I thought hmm...are they trying to make us women seem prissy? Which I suppose to a degree, we all can be-but can't we women also be tech savvy? Like what woman really needs software to count calories? Hello! Dell needed to get a clue.

Well thanks to their backlash, they got a clue! They edited their marketing plan and it is a bit more friendly. Now on to my favorite part-the techie stuff!

These cute Dell's Inspiron Mini(or netbooks, as I call them)are colorful and fun! They are slim, which is great for us ladies. They offer 3 options, though I would choose the Mini 10(more hard drive space and a bit bigger screen for the same price as the Mini 12). They all are pretty standard for netbooks and maybe even a bit more pricey than your other models.

As a total, I do feel that the Dell's Della site is still a bit too forward in their marketing for us women. As for their netbooks(or Mini's as they call them), they sound like a great computer.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tomorrrow You Can Download The Almost Finished Windows 7

Starting tomorrow(May 5 2009), normal users can start downloading the almost full version of Windows 7. It will function until June of 2010, that's when they will needed to upgrade to a paid version of Windows 7.

The full version could be released as early as this Fall, if they follow the plan they had for Vista's release.

Are any of you planning on downloading it and trying it? Also when they do release the final product, will you upgrade ASAP?

For me, my answer is no to both. I am never one to upgrade ASAP, nor am I one to download an OS. I may have high speed Internet, but that file is likely over 40GB! So I will wait for when I will need to buy a new PC for me to try it out.

How about you, my dear readers?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who Says The Old Can't Come Back?

Dreamcast may be getting a second chance after the last version was released 10 years ago! love the name!) has started selling brand spanking totally new and complete(yes, all the cords and even a modem is included) Dreamcast consoles for a whopping total of $99.00?! That is so much cheaper than the newer console(like Wii), and they are not even used. Now granted, it maybe hard to find games for your Dreamcast-though I have seen a bunch of sites that do sell them used still.

I guess Nintendo better start sweating even more!

My question is, due to this revival of Dreamcast-I wonder if Sega will start producing new games for it?

Your thoughts?