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Thursday, March 26, 2009

April 1st Might Kill Your Computer-No Joke Here About Conficker C

Start to preparing your computer, next Wednesday you might not know that you computer could be infected with one of the worse worms in computer history.

This worm is Conficker.c and is set to be sent to major computer servers on April 1, 2009 and has many computer security experts worried. Though we do not know for a fact that Conficker C will spread or destroy a lot of systems, it should be seen as a rel threat.

So here are some simple steps to take and keep in mind during the next few weeks.

1-Update Windows via Windows Update. They have issued a vital patch that could protect you.

2-Update your anti-malware

3-Back up and keep a backup/boot cdrom for you computer if the worse is to happen.

4-Make sure your windows update and anti-malware isn't disabled, this is a sign of Conficker.

5-Try to avoid being on the net for prolonged periods of time on April first.

6-Keep your firewall on during all times.

If you have any more safety tips, list them in comments.

Happy safe web-surfing.