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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mircrosoft Releases Improvement List For Windows 7

We all know that Windows Vista bombed(though I personally liked it), and the public has high hopes for Windows 7-which should come out sometime this year. And they released today the list of improvements that Windows 7 will have. Here are a few-

1-Windows Flip with Aero Peek
A simple way to switch and see all the programs you have open at the time.

2-New short cuts
Make it easier for you to open whatever you want to open

3-New Window Alert
We all know that when a new window shows up, it flashes only 3 times-but now it will flash 7 times and with a very bright orange color. Ooh lala!

4-New Taskbar
It will have a "open with" option

5-Scaling of Taskbar
You can now can do taskbar scaling, so you have more room

And you can read the rest here

Are you looking forward to Windows 7 and are you planning on switching asap? Leave your thoughts here.

Personally, I like Vista for the most part. My only issue with it is the downloads, they make it very hard to download through iTunes,ect. Other than that, I love it. I will not be looking to replace it, when I need a new computer then will I get Windows 7.