Miss Virtual Reality

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

About Miss Virtual Reality

Who is Miss Virtual Reality? And what is this site/blog about? Those are good question to ask and wonder. And that's what this post will be about.


I am Miss Virtual Reality(or mvr as a shortend version). I am a writer/blogger who loves all things technology and gadgets. This blog is all about that, a way for me to post about the things that I love and all. I also share news,tips and all things tech. But with a slight twist! From a womans point of view! As you may know, that most people assume that the only fans of technology is men, which is not true! So I am trying to spread the word to the world wide web that, yes we women can love and adore technology and gadgets just as much as men do-maybe even more!

I also run a political blog and write for a handful of sites. More info to come on those and with links. So enjoy your stay and keep checking back on this page for more exciting news!

You can email me at or contact me viw twitter @mvr00.