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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Kingdom Of Sims

We all know that EA is famous and doing well thanks to its games from the Sims series. So when MySims came out for the DS, myself being a huge Sims fan I just had to have it! So I bought it and played it, and I enjoyed it. It may not be exactly like the Sims you play on the computer, but I still enjoyed it.

So MySims must of been a hit, because it has had follow up games, and one is the fairly new released MySims Kingdom!

On MySims Kingdome, you must help King Roland who is in dire need of help for his Kingdom, and it's up to you to help him! You will run into some of your old pals that you know from the previous games and meet new quirky characters that you will adore or hate. You will roam new lands, have harder challenges and even build devices during your quest.

And yes, like with the first MySims you can also make your self look however you want, after all it wouldn't be Sims without it!

Some of the new and old characters you'll meet are-
Chazz McFreely-he's a little extreme, but hey if you want to be a legend sometimes you have to be extreme!
Marlon-He isn't up to his best Magic there for pops up and disappears often.
Leaf-A rocker wannabe who happens to also be an elf!
Buddy-Not bright, but is loyal
King Roland-Kind of the casle he is, and make sure he has plenty of cupcakes
Chef Gino-Mr. Gossip is back!
and many more characters also.

You can buy MySims Kingdom DS for $19.99 and MySims Kingdom WII for $27.99