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Monday, March 30, 2009

Meet Nachshon Draiman

Future Associates was created by Nachshon Draiman and works with other companies, such as geriatric care centers and real estate(commercial & residential). They go in and change the way the management works and makes it more efficient.

Nachshon Draiman is a entrepreneur and real estate developer, based from Chicago. He has studied psychology and social work, and used his knowledge to change how us Americans lifestyle patterns was. He took the American way of business and changed what he thought should be changed and applied it to several companies and has had a successful results. For his real estate business, he runs Multiut. Which they negotiates with gas and electricity providers. Though he works with real estate, his real goal and passion is in long-term care & geriatric care.

Nachshon Draiman is also a active fundraiser with many charities and he sits on the board for Illinois Council for Long Term Care.