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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Playstation Rumors-PSP & PS3 Prices To Soon Drop

Sony's PlayStation 3 and PSP have dropped in prices before, but retailers have hinted that Sony has told them that they will slash the price yet again!

Though Sony hasn't confirmed this yet, nor has a date been issued-it is likely to be true. PlayStation 3 and PSP haven't been selling as well the Nintendo Wii or Microsoft Xbox have been.

As the story goes, that the price will drop from $399 to $300- sometime by next week or in May as some said that has been hinted at.

Others think instead of a price drop, that Sony will bundle the PlayStation 3 with 2 games and sell it at $399 at Target. Again, no confirmation as been said about either.

Do you have any clues or insights on these two rumors?