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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Google Docs Are A Life Saver!

I know I have dissed Google tons on this blog, same for Apple. But today is Google's lucky day! I am going to give them a great review.

This past week, I was hired for a freelance job. A job that is a contract job, meaning that I sign the agreement with the owner. But instead of slow snail mail, they emailed it to me. Not bad, right? True, but it was in the Microsoft's .doc form. So I have Microsoft's Works and that won't read .doc files. So instead of download a bunch of freeware(later on, I ought to do a post about the wonderful world of freeware!) that might and might not work, I remembered hearing about Google Docs.

The beauty of it is this, you don't download any software, it's all browser based! Perfect for someone like me, with a slow and old fashion Internet connection. So I thought, well I really have nothing to lose trying it. And you know what? It worked like a charm. I was able to do it all, fill it out and save it to my hard drive, all being online and doing it in a browser based script!

So if you ever need to fix a file, use Google Docs, they will make you smile!


Boney Sharaon said...

I bet your connection isn't slower as mine. Yes G-docs is simply good.

shopinchic said...

Well at least they have something good to offer. And I guess I really shouldn't complain
too much, since Google
owns Blogger.