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Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have just joined this awesome site, and I want to share it with my lovely fans! Okay okay, enough about me and my big head ;D!

Ciao is a site where they pay you 1 dollar for every review and for rating of your review you also get paid. The beauty of this site is the fact that, you don't have to live in North America to join and get paid. They pay through paypal! And if that doesn't get your attention, then this will. Microsoft(Yes, the company behind big products like Windows,Xbox and Zune), has bought it. So I highly doubt that Bill Gates would want them to buy a bad scam site!

Join by clicking my banner below. And be my friend on it. Together, we can help each other make money!

I know you won't regret!

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shopinchic said...

Sounds great for those with pay-pal!