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Monday, September 1, 2008

A Few Side Notes....

My first is a question to my readers, would you like to see a whole website and not just a blog by me? And what I mean by a "whole website" is, it will have tons more than what my blogs just has and links to all that I write for. Of course if I do create a website, I wouldn't abandon my blogs by anymeans. It would be loads of fun for me to do, but my main issue is, would you even bother to read it and use it? I would most likely give out links and tips on how I do it and how to help market. Please be honest.

On to other things!

I just joined HubPages, and it sounds like fun! My only issue is, it's slow on my good ol' dial up connection. I hear it can help drive traffic to my site and I know people can stumble upon it pretty easy. I think it can be useful for everybody! Why I say that?
1-It's already got high traffic, and if you comment on other hubs, more people see your profile and thus far, they're likely to see your blog.
2-give out tips and help others. I'm sure you wished you knew what you know now, when you started!
3-You can join google adsesne,amazon and others and place you code and get paid that way.

So check out my hubpage and sign up today!

Pretty nifty, isn't it? ;)

Also, I am a VIP paid blogger, well at least at my new blog! So check it out, and if you'd like to try it yourself(they pay through check and paypal!) join now here


shopinchic said...

I would definitely check it out!
Go ahead and try it if you want.

*crosses fingers*

Boney Sharaon said...

I would suggest you to go on self hosted wordpress blog if you've got any such plans.
I am also on a dialup. I thought I was the only one.
I will check ur hub too.