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Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Technology Predictions For 2009

Since I have been busy for almost a week and I haven't updated it in a while, I am posting an article that I posted originally on articles base(written by me, of course!) here since I have zero time to write a new article for this blog this week. Feel free to read and comment on it.

Like everything else that changes and has trends, so does technology. In a sense, that makes it no different from fashion, cars or anything else that comes and goes. Yet unlike those things, technology is always evolving. Newer and better all the time, smaller, faster, higher capability and capacity than the last. Here I will list what is predicted to be hot sellers for 2009 in the ever changing world of technology, while everybody’s pocketbooks/wallets are hurting.

This year, it has been predicted to have booming PC sales, and if its anything like last year-laptops will also have a rising sales. With more and more people trying to have their own small businesses during these tough economic times, they will seek out the latest and fastest PCs. They also will seek out all in one printers to help complete their new at home offices and to save space. We’re likely to see prices drop though, as stores will be forced to lower them in order to survive. It will be a good year for the buyer and bad for the stores.

With the DTV switch coming up and analog going out, we can expect to see Digital TVs prices dropping as well. Like all technology, once it comes main stream, prices drop. Also cable company’s may lose even more customers as more stations and sub-stations will be popping up.

Smart phones and PDA’s may flop, with issues from Blackberry and Iphones people may get turned off. Also with their high prices for services don’t help the wallet.

Mp3 players becoming more mainstream, Ipods might lose the lead. With their high prices and issues known with the newer models, might help lesser known brands gain in sales.

Video Game consoles will likely do well, Xbox and Playstation both have lowered their prices and Wiis are selling very well. Also two new consoles are coming out this year from lesser known GP2X and Zeebo.

Microsoft’s Windows new OS, Windows 7 is in BETA stage and might come out as soon as this year.

Open source software and freeware will be more in demand as people don’t have the money to splurge on pricey software.

Social Networks will still be popping up with no end in sight, the companies who run them can make good money on it.

Blogging and citizen journalism will be growing and making a larger splash in the media world. Perhaps even hurting TV, newspaper and radio in news.

And that’s the prediction for the trends of technology this year 2009. Nobody knows for sure what this year will hold, but we sure can hope for the best.

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shopinchic said...

Good predictions! By the way, I love that word "Prediction".