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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wi-Fly Without Wi-Fi?

Delta and Continental have made plans to offer Wi-Fi on their domestic flights.
Delta plans on offering it on their whole fleet, by next summer. And Continental on most of their fleet by early next year.

Delta is teaming up with Aircell(an airborn communications provider) to install the network needed, so Wi-Fi enabled devices(ie:laptops, pds, smartphones and more) to connect to a broadband wireless internet connection. They're also looking into adding it on their flights for around the world.

Of course it won't be free, for 3 hour long or less flights they charge a $9.95 and for longer flights it will cost $12.95.

American Airlines, will offer the same service as Delta is planning too, later on this year. Only on 15 though, for their transcontinenal routes.

JetBlue offers FREE Wi-Fi on one plane, that flies transcontinenal as well. While US AirWays will offer it on a trial basis on one plane this fall.

So next time you fly, you maybe able to check out my blog!


shopinchic said...

One day Wi-Fi will be standard. It
will be literally everywhere and
maybe even free! Mark my words!

Anonymous said...

I read this and I am happy about the wifi but not happy to pay 10 bucks. however you bet that I will do it anyway :)