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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Apple Has Already Been Bitten

So the third generation of the Iphone has come out, but what about the older generations(Same goes for the Ipods)?

Well refurbished Apple products seem to have found a home(or at least a new home). People are willing to buy used Iphones and Ipods, just because they are an Apple product. Apple being a "hot product" at the moment, meaning owning any generation of an Apple Ipod or Iphone, makes your "coolness" factor go up.

Kind of like a cult following.

Personally I could careless about Apple, I will never buy an Ipod or Iphone. And if that makes me uncool, then so be it.

Whats your opinion on used Apple products? Would you buy a used one?


shopinchic said...

The 3rd generation of the IPhone already? I thought it just came
out last year?

Anonymous said...

I do like the iPod, but you can bet I wasn't one of the dweebs who stood in line for hours to get the first one. I tried a Mac laptop and it gave me just as many problems as a PC ever did. The difference is that a Mac makes the errors pretty and shiny. The bad part of a Mac is that you can't fix anything yourself should something go wrong. I am happily back to a PC...with XP.

Boney Sharaon said...

The iphone was launched in India yesterday. I am looking forward to buying it.

Boney Sharaon said...

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