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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

GIMP-Great OpenSource Freeware

So imagine this, you see all these pretty computer graphics and want to know how to make them. So you ask, you find out that they used some fancy expensive software. You know you don't have that kind of money to blow, so you search the Internet for days-maybe even months. What feels like forever, you find some free software, but like most-it is limited.

So this goes on for another 6 months, then you one day find a software that does all the fancy stuff, just like Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. You think like a smarty pants would and say, "okay this does look great. but what is the price?". Then you search and you read the most amazing words one could see, "free".

Wait, don't rub your eyes. It is free. Don't check your heart rate or see if you're breathing, it is real.

If that's your story, then my friend- you are not alone!


Maybe it isn't so melodramatic(hey, we all need a laugh), but your search is finally over. I'll wait while you do you're chicken dance.


Well, you should be done dancing. Or at least I hope you should be ;)

But back to the real topic.

It's called the GIMP, a open source code that allows it to be free(what a beautiful thing that is, eh?)

It all started in 1995 by two guys, but is now ran by free volunteers. It is always being updated and is still being worked on. Every few months they come out with their latest version. It is multilingual and can be ran on cross-platform.

Perfect, right?

Wait, it can only get better here.

You can now use those nifty photoshop brushes with GIMP without converting them. A time and perhaps a life saver for those who are tech challenged.

But enough about what makes it great, don't take my word for it. Download it yourself and try it.

You can download the software here at

Download addition brushes to make your GIMP ever more effective at Deviant Art

Great site with an awesome forum to help you and learn how to use it for the better at Gimp Talk

Enjoy and big props to the people who made the GIMP happen.

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shopinchic said...

Congrats on your new blog! I love it! I also like GIMP!

That happens a lot,there's a great
expensive softwear or program and
someone decides to create something
similar for free or virtually free.