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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hey Apple, move over! Dell is making a mp3 comeback that might make you grow moldy!

Okay, remember when Dell back 2003 came out with the Dell Dj? A hip mp3 player that made a splash even for a second?

I didn't think so.

But that's okay, cause Dell is making a comeback into the mp3 world with more than a simple mp3 player!

Apple's IPhone is over the $300.00 dollar limit that most people cannot afford, so a mp3 player with WI-FI that isn't over $200.00 dollars is lacking. But maybe starting in September, it won't be!

Dell has created a mp3 player that has WI-FI connection and a music subscription service to go with it, all for below $100.00 dollars doesn't sound so bad, eh?

You can read just what the CEO of Dell had to say here. It will make you smile!

Go Dell, and Apple go away!

1 comment:

shopinchic said...

Let me tell you,when my Ipod does eventually wear out,I am so going to buy one of these!

I am done with apple,itunes and ipods.

I definitly see how this has potential,I mean the price
sure beats Apple's mega priced
Ipods(which keep changing every
year and a half,but I guess they
all do eventually).