Miss Virtual Reality

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dear Microsoft....

Dear Microsoft,

Would you please let the public buy this cute black and blue Xbox 360? I think it is soooo cute! You might even sell more, or at least release a pink and black Xbox 360! You might get more girl gamers that way.

I think that would expand your customer base, and I am sure you could use more customers. It's no secret that Nintendo's Wii is ruling console sales. So please at least consider it.

Thanks for reading.

Miss Virtual Reality(Microsoft Fan)


Have you seen this black and blue Xbox 360? Sadly, they only released it to game developers and not to the public. Which sucks in my opinion, I see this thing selling like hot cakes. They could release a whole color series, like pink and black; red and black; green and black; blue and black. They do not have to add the double hard drives, unless they want to!

How do you feel about this?