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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Google Not So Perfect:Human Error Today

When I first got on today and used Google to on my daily sites that I always go on, I saw they flagged every single site on their search engines. Now I knew this was wrong, so I did a search on 2 other sites and got the exact same error as I did prior. So I used Yahoo instead, no problem....

Well, while doing my research today for this blog, I found out that it wasn't just me who had this issue. Google has released a statement about it on their official blog today. They say they will work hard to find out the cause and to make sure it never happens again.

I doubt they can prevent "human error", every time. Will I use Google less? I don't know! If it keeps happening, I will use it less. But for now, that its fixed, I will still use it.

Were you affected by this?

Read about it here at BBC News


shopinchic said...

I love your new blog changes!

And I knew Google wasn't perfect!

Ray said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Sure i would love to exchange links. I added your link to my blog roll.